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Silver Tiger Pendant

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The tiger pendant is tailored entirely from silver and it is best cleaned using a silver polish cloth to remove tarnish and dirt.

Recent surveys conducted by large marketing companies and modelling agencies discovered that females born under this sign are the most attractive of all signs, with many notable and beautiful women being all Tigers.

Tigers make good leaders and are most suited to those whose birthdays fall in the Horse, dragon and dog years.

silver tiger pendant

Tiger Pendant

A stunning pendant spelling Tiger, in Mandarin. The foreground is highly polished, while its background keeps the silver in its natural darkened state. It is hand crafted from fine sterling silver.

Years of the Tiger

Tiger years are:- 1914 | 1926 | 1938 | 1950 | 1962 | 1974 | 1986 | 1998 | 2010 which start and end in-between January and February.

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Famous Tigers include singer "Robbie Williams" and the Hollywood actor "leonardo Dicaprio". Also major celebrity "Victoria Beckham" is a Tiger.

Tiger Pendant Dimensions

cartoon of tiger

Tiger birth signs are deep-thinking and sensitive although they are prone to bad tempers. They are slightly indecisive but they are brave and strong. Bordering on 3 grams in weight it is carefully hand-crafted from sterling quality silver, which warrants that it is 92.5% pure silver. The pendant bale will allow a chain-clasp of up to 5 mm to pass through it.