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Silver Dog Pendant

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silver pendant of the chinese symbol for the Dog
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Like their animal counterparts, Dogs are extremely loyal, honest and faithful companions. They are not materialistic and wealth is of little importance although they always seem to have a lot of money.

They inspire others but can be a little selfish and emotionally cold. They mix well with people that share birthdays in the Chinese years of the Rabbit, Tiger and Horse.

silver chinese symbol for snake pendant

Dog Pendant

An astrological pendant representing the Chinese sign for the Dog year. The pendant is written in Mandarin and is carefully constructed from sterling silver.


Years of the Dog

A Previous year of the Dog includes:- 1934 | 1946 | 1958 | 1970 | 1982 | 1994 | 2006 although if you were born in January or February please check you were not born in a previous Chinese year.

Dog Pendant Dimensions

dog cartoon

It weighs roughly 3 grams and is a precision made silver pendant in the old mandarin style for the symbol of the dog.

It can also make a unique present for dog-lovers as well as those born under this sign. Famous dog celebrities include the actor "Matt Damon" and British comedy actor "Simon Pegg".