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Silver Rabbit Pendant

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We have silver chains available that will accomodate this pendant.

Although its rare for rabbits to lose their temper they are fond of gossip but generally mean no harm by it. Sheep, pigs and dogs are better companions for those born in the rabbit sign.

learn more about chinese astrology and also discover what sign you are.

silver rabbit pendant

Rabbit or Hare Pendant

A sterling silver pendant that represents the Mandarin word for Rabbit or Hare. Chinese astrology makes no distinction between the hare or the rabbit. Both are treated equally as being the same. Even if you are not interested in rabbit the beautiful curves of the word create a stunning pendant.

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Dimensions of Pendant

It weighs roughly 2 grams and is cast from pure sterling silver. It measures approximately 15 mm by 20 mm.

Information on the Year of the Rabbit/harecartoon of a rabbit

Years of the Rabbit or Hare are:- 1915 | 1927 | 1939 | 1951 | 1963 | 1975 | 1987 | 1999 | 2011

Ambition is one of the hallmarks of people born in the year of the rabbit. They are articulate and often quite talented and sensitive people. Very lucky with money and often winning competitions or lotteries. They are nevertheless trusted and well respected.