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3 Ambers Necklace

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The necklace is the perfect compliment to any seasonal dress or attire. The natural glowing beauty of the amber is wonderfully enhanced by its ornate setting.

The two leafs are attached to a flattened snake chain which is flexible and therefore rests gently on the natural contours of the collar bone.

barrels of amber on silver necklace

Flanked by silver leaf.

Three barrel shaped amber stones, flanked by two leafs of detailed sterling silver, with a small silver flower as its centrepiece. The style and symmetry creates a highly desirable piece of jewellery. The necklace is eighteen inches long. (45.7 mm) and weighs roughly 20 grams.

£24.95 sold out

model wearing silver amber necklace

Dimensions of Necklace

Learn more about our amber An enduring gift of silver jewellery, which if kept polished should last for many years.