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Hearts of Amber Necklace

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The necklace captures a triplet of beautiful ambers. Each amber is carefully hand cut into heart shapes and mounted in a silver setting of a similar shape. The quaint and feminine necklace adds sunshine to a cloudy day.

An unequalled gift of romantic jewellery, symbolised by the three hearts, with the largest in the centre.

silver necklace with three heart shaped ambers

A Romantic Necklace

The centre of this necklace is a Heart shaped amber is cradled by a series of silver swirls upon which are mounted two further amber hearts.

£24.95 - sorry out of stock

Dimensions of amber necklace

silver necklace with three heart shaped ambers on a model

Approximate length is 18 inches (45.7 mm) and weight 23 grams. Between the hearts are as a series of triple curved bars which really adds a dreamy feel to the style and design.