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Amber Celtic Necklace

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silver necklace with celtic silverwork
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The flexible and free flowing snake chain is also composed of barrel shaped links which compliment the shape of the amber perfectly.

The fine celtic silverwork has been hand tooled

The great aspect of this silver jewellery is that it gives you the option of wearing it with formal or casual wear.

a silver necklace with a celtic design

Celtic Jewellery

A Cylindrical shaped amber, is cradled by two curves of sterling silver hand crafted in a celtic design. The necklace is fastened with a spring loaded ring-clasp. Approximately 18 inches in length and 13.7 grams in weight. The amber itself is of the tradtional orange colour variety.


Dimensions of Amber Cletic Necklace

silver celtic amber necklace on ladies neck

The barrel shaped amber is anchored between two swirls of silver. A traditional celtic knot pattern is etched out of the silver to create a well balanced item of celtic jewellery. The cylindrical, solid barrel of amber itself, measures 155 high with a diameter of 6 mm.