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Pure Amber Necklace

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multi-colours of amber necklace
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The necklace is sent in a drawstring canvas-tyle gift bag with a certificate of authenticity.

multi-coloured ambers bracelet

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The clasp is closed by two amber beads that screw into each other. No metal is used making this necklace suitable for use with teething babies.

a necklace clasp made from multi-colours of amber

necklace made up of multi-colour ambers

Multi-Colour Ambers

The necklace is composed of small round natural ambers in a range of three main colours. The traditional cognac, the deep brown and the translucent yellow. Each amber is unique and comes from the Baltic Sea shores of Lithuania.


theree strands of multi-colour ambers woven toegther to make this necklace

Necklace Dimensions

Weighing a modest 3.8 grams it is extremely comfortable to wear. Its 18 inches in length and has a beaded screw barel clasp. The small beads are threaded on three fine brown silk strands that are woven together at intervals.