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Amber Clusters Necklace

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The deep orange, cognac, ambers are wonderfully displayed by the floral arrangement. The centre amber suspends to add to the symmetry of the design.

The linked clusters are attached to a barrel shaped snake chain.

Silver Jewellery has never looked as nicer than this outstanding necklace. It can blend with almost any outfit and its natural beauty will never look out of place.

clusters of amber on a silver necklace

Flower effect

A cluster of three tear-drop shaped ambers are set in sterling silver. The design of each cluster was inspired by a clover and eight of them are used to stunning effect to make this unique amber necklace. Attachable with a spring loaded ring clasp. The clusters are arranged to create the effect of flowers.

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the amber clusters necklace being worn around the neck of a model

Dimensions of Amber Necklace

Approximate length is eighteen inches (45.7mm) and it weighs a chunky thirty eight grams. Overall there are 24 ambers and each individual amber measures 5 mm by 7 mm.