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Amber Trees Necklace

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silver necklace with ambers arranged like trees
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From early civilisations to modern eras, amber remains a popular and desirable addition to any jewellery box.

A highly unusual and unique design of silver jewellery. The necklace uses round jump rings to connect the various ambers to a snake chain.

The necklace is ideally suited to a low cut dress or top. It makes a marvelous item of dress jewellery and is a perfect companion to a glamorous night out although it is also suitable for any event.

necklace made up of triangles of amber to form the shape of trees

Sixteen triangular shaped amber stones suspended from an elegant sterling silver necklace with spring loaded ring clasp. Each amber triangle is arranged in pairs to form trees which are linked by jump rings. They are attached to a smooth round silver snake chain making a flexible and comfortable necklace.


model wearing silver amber trees necklace

Dimensions of Amber necklace

Its approximate length is 17 inches (43mm) and its approximate weight is 30 grams. The ambers are of the orange colour variety although each one is unique and the shades of colour might vary slightly. A small triangular window is cut into the reverse side of the silver mount to enable light to pass through the amber.