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The natural oranges and cognac colours of the amber are wonderfully captured by the spherical cut.

Some would describe this as an organic necklace made only from a precious metal combined with one of mother natures ancient treasures. Whatever the description it is silver jewellery at its most beautiful and delicate.

The curved silver mount upon which the amber spheres are set is rigid whilst the connecting snake chain is fully flexible.

five spheres of amber on a floral design of silver necklace

Spheres of Amber

£33.95 - Five balls of amber set on a majestically curved mount, decorated with silver leaf and foliage. The necklace is clasped by a spring loaded ring. The hand worked detail of the leafs are a perfect compliment to the sphere shaped ambers. A feminine and natural looking silver necklace that will accessorize any outfit.

model wearing amber necklace

Dimensions of Amber Necklace

Its Approximate length is (18 inches) 45.7 cm, whilst it weighs in the region of 25 grams making it quite a substantial item of silver jewellery. The finely cut silver, accentuates the detail of the leaf branches.