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Oval Amber Necklace

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This stunning amber drop necklace adds sophistication to any dress. The natural splendour of the amber is beautifully captured to full effect by the classical design. Each of the eight oval ambers are set in an oval of silver.

Each amber is carefully precision cut to enable a perfect setting in sterling silver.

The natural colours combine well with almost any attire whilst the elegance of the amber permits the necklace to be worn either at formal or casual occasions.

lady wearing oval drop amber necklace

Oval Drops of Amber

Eight Oval shaped ambers set on an equilateral and elegant silver necklace. Three of the ambers are green whilst the remaining four are a traditional cognac colour. The necklace is approximately 20 inches (50.8 cm) in length.

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amber drop necklace

Amber necklace Dimensions

It weighs in excess of 24 grams and is composed of eight oval shaped ambers set in sterling silver. A stunning accessory that will light up those dull winter evenings with a radiance of sunny natural colour. It has a spring loaded ring clasp.