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More of our popular sterling silver earrings that dangle to suit all occasions.

Each pair is constructed from solid sterling silver throughout and therefore cannot be harmed by water. In time if they tarnish you can clean off the tarnish by simply rubbing them with a polish cloth.

Hand-made Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

silver leafs with mother of pearl
a pair of cats siver earrings
sea-horse silver earrings
angel wings silver earrings
tree of life silver drop earrings
silver earrings of turquoise hearts
silver earrings with pink mother of pearl
silver circles make up these silver earrings
starfish silver earrings
silver starfish earrings

Pages of silver earrings

Each pair of earrings weighs between 5-8 grams depending on design features.Each pair of earrings weigh in the range of 6 to 11 grams according to their design.