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Lightening Fork Silver Earrings

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curly silver earrings like lightening
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The solid sterling silver structure of these earrings means they should last for generations.

The hook wires and the body of the earring piece itself are all stamped 925 to denote sterling silver. Unlike imitation jewellery they can safely be exposed to rain or water

curly silver earrings in the shape of a fork of lightening

Curly Silver Earrings.

Stylish sterling silver ear-rings in the similar shape to a lightening fork. These curly hook earrings make a fashion statement as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Since the design is in plain silver it has the advantage of blending with almost any colour.


Specifications of Earring

With a length of 30 mm from the earring hook to the lowest point of the curve, they are the perfect size to be noticeable whilst not being ostentatious. The pair weigh four grams.