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The stylish snake chain is 16 inches long with a spring-loaded ring clasp. Red coral is an exciting addition to any silver jewellery.

In accordance with are eco-friendly principles we have ensured the coral is taken only from fragments washed ashore by natural currents. It is not extracted from any reefs or other endangered sources.

A truly romantic necklace, which will last a lifetime, unlike many other gifts within the same price range.

We also have another red coral pendant which can be similarly suspended from a snake chain.

A Heart of Red Coral.

heart shaped red coral necklace

£13.95 - A heart shaped red coral pendant hung from a silver snake chain. The coral is dyed in mangrove to produce the wonderful and attractive red colour. The natural beauty of the deep red coral is majestically captured in the heart shaped silver mount. It cannot fail to turn heads when worn with a matching red outfit.

A Romantic Gift of Jewellery

red coral necklace next to 10p coin

The width of the pendants is 15 mm and with the chain together the combined weight is roughly 6 grams. Its size relative to a UK 10p coin is shown in the image on the right.

The depth of the heart pendant is a substantial 5 mm. The silver snake chain supplied is 16 inches (40.6 cm) in length.