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Turquoise Earrings

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earrings with a turquoise stone
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These long earrings measure 35 mm from their hook to the stone's tip . Each turquoise is individually hand cut to precision detail to enhance the overall appearance. You will not fail to get noticed wearing these superb earrings.

Only real natural turquoise, mined in North America is used. Please note there may be a very slight colour and pattern variation as no one turquoise is exactly alike.

The earrings are sent in an attractive, hand-made box. This sky blue silver jewellery never goes out of fashion.

turquoise earrings

Drop earrings

A stunning pair of torpedo shaped turquoise stones set in silver earrings. Each stone is in the magnificent sky blue turquoise with some moderate spiders web of deep veins. These imaginative earrings are truly inspirational. Not only do they lend themselves as a perfect accompaniment to a black evening dress but also because of their bright sky bluish colour they can be worn casually as well.


Dimensions of Earring

The earrings together weigh roughly five grams. The metal used is of sterling quality which means it is at least 92.5% silver. The torpedo drop turquoise stone measures 5 mm wide at its widest point and is 35 mm in length.

side profile of turquoise earrings

The torpedo shaped section of silver is slightly domed and is up to 4 mm thick. As you can see from the side profile it is mounted on a similarly shaped plinth. The plinth gently curves and tapers to a rounded point.