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The leather cord with the silver spring loaded clasp cannot be damaged by water and does not contain any metals likely to give rise to allergic reactions.
silver clasp

Please note the cord with the spring loaded ring clasp is too thick to run through the pendant bale of our astrology pendants. If you do order both together the clasp can easily be removed with a pair of pliers. This is done by bending back the piece of wire that is pressed into the end of the leather.

leather cord

Leather Cord

£1.50 - A quality black leather cord with a stainless steel spring loaded clasp. its is quite a thick and strong cord. Length is 18 inches (45 cm). Ideal for pendants but can be worn alone or as an accessory for silver jewellery. The cord itself measures 17 inches (45 cm) in length however it has a 2 inch extender chain should you wish to wear the cord further down the neck line as a 18 or 19 inch.steel clasps on leather thong

Leather Cord with a Stainless Steel Push Clasp

leather cord£1.50 Black leather thong composed of a Smooth round cord of glossy black leather. With a diameter of 3 mm this sleek black cord is a great accessory for any pendant. It has a stainless steel clasp with a pull and push mechanism that is easy to snap on and off. It is currently only available in a length of 18 inches. (45cm)