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The snake chain is sent in its own velvet pouch and is a highly desirable iconic accessory.

The wonderfully smooth and silky feel of the chain makes it extremely comfortable to wear.

The clasp is specially designed to snap apart in the event of a sudden jerk. This safety mechanism avoids the potential danger of the chain being used in an assault by an aggressor.

This snake is a general use chain however it is only 1 mm thick which means it may not be suitable for large or heavy pendants.

silver snake chain

As smooth and as Fine as Silk

This simple yet sleek must-have accessory, is a silver snake chain cut with a diameter of 1 mm. The compact and precision bonding of the links makes the gaps almost invisible to the naked eye.

Different Lengths

You can choose from the:- silver 1 mm snake chain

Dimensions of Snake Chain

Weighing 2 grams it is made entirely from premium grade sterling silver throughout. Complete with welded spring loaded ring clasp it is strong enough to accommodate most pendants yet subtle enough not to detract the eye away from the pendant.