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Silver Belcher Chain

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belcher Silver Chain
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The belcher chain has a long association with hanging fob watches or stop watches. It is also ideal for suspending any large chunky fob or pendant. It is also sometimes known as a station masters chain.

A belcher chain differs from a curb chain by virtue of its perfectly round links unlike a curb which has a distinctive flattened style. The curb links are fashioned with straight as opposed to circular lines.

Silver belcher Chain

A strong and chunky silver chain.

A classical sterling silver belcher chain with spring loaded ring clasp. Its round, welded links, are the distinguishable feature of the classic belcher chain. Ideal for fob-watches but can be worn alone for a classical look. The name belcher originates from the Italian "fazzoletto da collo colorato" although some argue it originates from the neck-ties worn by the British Boxer Jim belcher.

Different Lengths

Available in two different lengths:-

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Belcher Chain Dimensions

Silver belcher Chain

The sixteen inch chain weighs in excess of sixteen grams, whilst the eighteen inch weighs in at eighteen grams. The chains are made from good quality sterling silver to a high degree of craftsmanship. The 5mm ring clasp will fit through any pendant ring over 5mm. Its weight and design makes it a relatively strong chain meaning you can hang most items of jewellery or pendants from it.