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Both chains have a clasps with an internal hook on a spring for easy connection.
omega chain


The omega chain or necklace is a type of chain made by manufacturing silver links on a silver cable or a mesh of fine woven wire. The inner wire gives the strength, permitting the links can be aesthetically styled.

Omega is also the 24th letter of the Greek alphabet and is not to be confused with a brand name of well known watch.

silver omega chain with lobster clasp

Omega chain - available in two lengths.

£11.95 - A silver omega chain comprising 1 mm thick cable with a spring loaded ring clasp. Adds sophistication to any pendant or it can also be worn as a stand-alone feature. Its length is 16 inches. A stunning and essential item of silver jewellery.

Dimensions of Omega

The omega chain weighs approximately 4 grams. It is made from at least 92.5% silver, combined with 7.5% copper for extra strength. Consequently there is no nickel or other allergy sensitive metals. It also means it does not get damaged by water and therefore can be worn at all times including whilst bathing. It makes the ideal accompaniment to almost any pendant, cross or silver locket

slim semi-flexible omega chain

The slim semi-flexible chain keeps its shape and can often be worn as a stand-alone feature.The tension in the cable is such that it maintains its circular shape, whilst at the same time remains flexible. The 16 inch version will sit on the average sized neck as a choker however

Also available as an 18 inch omega

There is also a longer 18 inch version available which is slightly heavier but similarly clasped. The longer version is also 1 mm thick and is suitable for a range of pedants. It retails for £12.95