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Silver Bangle with a Large Round Turquoise

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silver Bangle with a large round turquoise stone

This adorable bangle uses only natural turquoise mined in North America. The Silver is stamped 925 and has a polished curved edge for comfort.

Both a classical and unique gift of silver jewellery. The bangle will suit any age group and can be worn with any outfit and at any time.

Nice for a first date as this modest adornment will portray your own modesty.

silver Bangle with a round turquoise

A large Circular Turquoise

cuff bangle with a round turquoise

A large circular piece of turquoise mounted on a silver cuff bangle. the large gemstone has a gentle bulge to give the stone added depth. The silver bangle itself is an ornate design with floral motif. The turquoise used for this lovely item of jewellery is of the pale blue variety and will add a touch of a sunny sky to your wrist.


silver Bangle with a large round sky blue turquoise stone

Measurements and Weight of Turquoise Bangle

Its weight is approximately twenty two grams. The wrist width of the cuff bangle is 65 mm whilst the large round turquoise has a diameter of 32 mm. The cuff bangle is composed of sterling silver throughout and although large, it is of a moderate weight that will feel comfortable and unlikely to cause any irritation.