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Silver Bangle with a Flower of Turquoises

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This vivacious Turquoise Bangle brings out the best of this wonderfully bright and breezy colour. The small squares are inlaid on silver which means they lie flush to its surface and therefore difficult to fall out.

With turquoise please exercise caution in avoiding exposing the stone to washing up liquids as this may over time discolour the stone.

tuquoise flower bangle

A Flower of Turquoise Stones on a Silver bangle

A silver bangle composed of round turquoise stones bordered by a circle of Tear drop shapes of turquoise. The turquoise stones are mounted on a darkened plinth of sterling silver supported by two bands of polished silver.

£38.95 sorry sold out

silver cuff bangle with turquoise stones

Bangle Dimensions

Approximate wrist width of the bangle is 65 mm although this is marginally adjustable by gently squeezing the sides of the bangle. Approximate weight is 18 grams. The round plinth that contains all t5he stones measures 25 mm across. The two supporting arms fuse together and merge into one smooth cuff bangle.