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Crescent Shaped Silver Bangle with Turquoise

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crescent shaped turquoise stone on a silver bangle

A curvaceous and succinct item of jewellery. This petite bangle will never fail to surprise and will be a much loved addition to any jewellery box.

The turquoise stone itself is of the light to medium blue variety. It is speckled with the dark veins and spiders web found in quality cuts.

The bangle combines the ancient qualities of the revered turquoise with modern design features. Both subtle and attractive, it is a highly desired item.

silver Bangle with a crescent shaped turquoise

A Sterling Silver Bangle

A Crescent shaped Turquoise cut into the shape of a new moon, set in a sterling silver mount. The bangle un-hooks from one of the jump-rings welded to the mount. The sample of sky blue turquoise used is also rich in the darker spiders web veins that run through this gemstone.


Dimensions of New Moon Bangle

side profile of the turquoise half moon silver bangle

Weighing 12 grams it is has a wrist width of approximately 60 mm. The stone itself measures 25 mm from one end to another.

The shape represents the crescent of the moon which is first visible. It has significance in various religions and astrology. It also marks the beginning of the month in the Chinese calendar. The new moon is also significant in Nevada Indian tribes mythology in whom turquoise also played an important cultural role.