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Native American Indian Chief Bangle

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silver Bracelet with three turquoise stones

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The most respected warriors and chiefs wore the feather headdress. The design of the bangle is a generic portrayal of all tribes and not, just for example, the Sioux tribes.

The carefully worked silver is hand tooled to provide a detailed yet unique finish. The head itself is made from a hollow dome of sterling silver, thereby reducing its weight and cost.

silver Bangle with three turquoise stones

Ornate Silver work Design

Native American Indian Chief Bangle

A silver bangle depicting a native American chief. The headdress is composed of a series of feather shaped turquoise stones. The turquoise is of the sky-blue type. Two small red Carnelian stones are also used to decorate the headdress.


Dimensions of Bangle

indian chief bangle

This hand crafted item of silver jewellery weighs an impressive 14 grams. The detailed cuff bangle is decorated with a pattern of silver feathers. The head itself measures 30 mm at its highest point. The bangle has a wrist width of 60 mm which can be expanded to fit slightly larger wrists.