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Indian Chief Ring

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indian chief silver ring
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This unisex ring is ideal for both the fashion conscious and the followers of North American Indian history. A unique and lasting item of silver jewellery.

If you like the North American Indian jewellery then we also have a silver turquoise and carnelian Bangle in a similar native north American design.

North American Indian Jewellery

north american indian ring

A North American Indian chief complete with full head dress immortalised in the form of a sterling silver ring. The head-dress is composed of silver feathers made from natural turquoise with two carnelian, round-cut stones. The headdress uses the traditional red colour often used by the Native American Indians. The war bonnet version of a similar headdress tended to use more red mixed with brown and white. At the present time we only have it in size Q 1/2 (halfway between a Q and a R)


Ring Dimensions

The ring contains carefully hand-cut segments of turquoise and carnelian. The sterling silver is hand-carved to capture the detailed features of both the face and head-dress. Weighing approximately nine to ten grams and posted in a free gift box.