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A cut Turquoise Stone set on a Silver Bangle

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The stunning turquoise stone exhibits the dark veins of its natural spiders web.

The cuff band is composed of two bands of sterling silver, that are fused together at their ends and which then divide in the centre, in order to cradle the stones mount.

The elegant styling makes the sky blue stone the focal point of this beautiful item of silver jewellery.

Many past civilisations believed that turquoise protected those from ill health and would change colour if its wearer was due to become ill.

sky blue turquoise

Turquoise in the Dreamy Sky Blue Colour

A magnificent silver bangle with a turquoise stone set as its centre-piece. The turquoise is flanked by a hand crafted silver foliage. A bangle that would look great on any wrist at any event. The turquoise is grained with the spiders web pattern found among natural turquoise.

Sorry but we have sold the last of these bangles.

turquoise bangle

Dimensions of Turquoise Bangle

With a weight of over 14 grams this is a fairly substantial accessory of silver jewellery. Its medium size has a wrist width of 65 mm although there is degree of flexibility with the design to expand or contract the width slightly. The turquoise stone itself measures 17 mm wide by 21 mm in length and is very slightly dome in shape.