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Silver Bangle with a Rectangle Turquoise

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silver Bangle with rectangular turquoise stone

The turquoise stone is of the pure turquoise colour. This gorgeous sky-blue has a smooth polished finish.

The stone lies flush to the sides of its mount but is slightly dome is shape, so that is a small bulging fraction above the level of the sides. This gives the quality of depth and is wonderfully smooth to touch.

The simple but effective design makes it a versatile accessory that can be worn with a dress or casual wear.

Pure Turquoise

Silver Bangle with a Rectangle Turquoise

A rectangular cut turquoise set on a stylish sterling silver bangle. The bangle unhooks from a ring to the side of the stone mount. This rectangle of turquoise is set exquisitely in silver. A slim and elegant silver bangle.


Dimensions of Turquoise Bangle

Approximate diameter of closed bangle = 61 mm. Approximate weight = 12 grams. The bangle itself is composed of a hollow tube of silver which is rounded to form its shape. The lightweight bangle allows for a more comfortable fit.