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Three Turquoise Stones set on a Silver Bangle

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This inspiring design incorporates two turquoise stones to maximize the effect of this gorgeous colour.

The unique properties of turquoise are beautifully captured in this stunning little bangle. The stone setting has a serrated silver edge to add to depth and intrigue to the design.

two turquoises set on a  silver cuff bangle

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Twin tear-drop shaped turquoise stones

Two tear-drop shaped turquoise stones set on a slim sterling silver cuff-bangle. The stones are flanked by a silver ball. A sleek and stunning item of turquoise jewellery. Both stones are of the colourful sky blue variety.

silver bangle with two turquoise stones

Twin Turquoise Dimensions

Each turquoise is approximately 7 mm x 2 mm. The weight of the bangle is approximately nine grams. The wrist width of the cuff bangle is 65 mm whilst the actual band is 2 mm wide and 3 mm thick. Since the band is deeper than it is wide this gives it extra strength and support.

The deep cuff band gives it extra support and each turquoise is cradled into position by an overlapping serrated edge of silver.