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This pretty in pink bangle comes with its own unique drawstring pouch.

The reflective qualities make this a shimmering accessory and adorable gift of silver jewellery. Whether its artificial or natural light, the reflective pink shell will always look outstanding.

We do also have a smaller pink mother of pearl bangle, which is a more traditional pink rather than the peachy pink of this bangle.

pink oval bangle

Peachy Pink mother of pearl

£33.95 - An oval shaped pink bangle. The pink mother of pearl is inlaid on a silver mount with, two rings attaching it to the bangle. The large peachy pink mother of pearl, is the focus for an outstanding piece of jewellery. The bold and expansive shape is an interesting contrast to the subtlety of the colour.

Dimensions of Bangle

pink mother of pearl bangle

The oval mount measures 33 mm wide x 26 mm high.The bangle unhinges by detaching its hook end from one of the ring mounts. It weighs approximately 18 grams. The metal is of course composed entirely of sterling silver. It hinges by fastening one of its rings over the hook-end.