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An all round jewellery accessory. It can be worn with a wide range of colours and blends well with anything in light or pastel colours.

The edge of the tubular band is rounded off to give a more comfortable and smooth feel to the bangle.

The bangle creates a good choice for a present of silver jewellery as it is both pretty and long-lasting.

mother of pearl bangle in five colours

Six Colourful Petals

£29.95 - Six segments of Pastel shades of mother of pearl inlaid on an all round sterling silver bangle. Each segment is carefully hand cut to produce a beautiful smooth finish. They are cut into petal shapes to form a flower of three pastel colours.

Dimensions of Bangle

segments of mother of pearl bangle

From one tip of a petal to another it measures 30 mm in width. The wrist measurement is 63 mm. The bangle weighing an impressive 18 grams and uses six carefully cut segments of real mother of pearl. Feminine and colourful jewellery in one bangle.