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Bangles Inlaid with Mother of Pearl

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paua-shell and mother of pearl bangle
Paua shell and mother of pearl

A bangle inlaid with mother of pearl and paua-shell.


french flag coloured mother of pearl
pink, blue and white

A silver bangle in the French tri-colours made from mother of pearl.


mother of pearl four leafed clover silver bangle
Four leafed clover

A silver bangle made with a four leaf clover of mother of pearl.


blue and yellow silver bangle
Blue and Yellow

Blue and yellow mother of pearl set on a silver bangle.


mosaic mother of pearl bangle
Mosaic Bangle

A mosaic of mother of pearl set in a square mounted on a silver bangle.


contemporary silver bangle with abstract pattern of mother of pearl
Contemporary bangle

A mother of pearl on silver bangle in a contemporary style.


mother of pearl in shades of pink on a silver bangle
Shades of Pink Bangle

Segments of pink mother of pearl set in an oval shaped silver bangle.


bangle on wrist

The mosaic bangle in three pastels of mother of pearl looks stunning on any wrist. As you can see it can be worn casually or with formal wear.

Pages of mother of pearl bangles


An attractive display of contemporary silver bangles with a variety of colourful shades of natural mother of pearl. The interior linings of shells create this stunning jewellery. We have a much larger selection of mother of pearl bangles in both our Plymouth shops from which as we are constantly adding that selection to this site.

The advantage of mother of pearl is its enduring quality. Provided it is not scratched there is very little from preventing it looking as good in 100 years time as it does today.

The bangles are all hand-made and like all our silver jewellery use only the finest quality of hall-marked sterling silver. You can learn more about mother of pearl whilst browsing over matching mother of pearl necklaces. The variety of bangles include both cuff (semi-round) and round (completely round with clasp). The bangles are in a variety of sizes and shapes.