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Silver Clover Bangle

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silver bangle with mother of pearl in the shape of a four leaf clover
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The four separate colours make this a very versatile item of jewellery.

The wrist width is 60 mm and the oval bangle unhinges by a hook attached to one of the four petals.

Whether you describe it as a butterfly or a flower, the bangle will give your attire a breeze of Spring mornings sunshine.

Silver Bangle with pink mother of pearl in the shape of a four-leaf clover

Mother of pearl

A silver bangle with four petals inlaid with mother of bangle. The design is loosely based on a four leafed clover. Aside from its resemblance to a four leaf clover it also has two subtle antenna so that it can also be interpreted as a butterfly. The sheen of the shell is only surpassed by the shine of the silver.


mother of pearl four leafed clover silver bangle

Dimensions of Bangle

The bangle weighs 18 grams and is made wholly from excellent quality sterling silver. Each petal shape is inlaid with sections of mother of pearl cut into tear-drop shapes. The butterfly shaped mount is a quite deep 4 mm.