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Shell and Mother of Pearl

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silver bangle with paua-shell and mother of pearl
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This exciting piece of silver jewellery, combines both the iridescent properties of mother of pearl, with one of natures most beautiful shells.

The Paua shell comes from New Zealand and has been specially polished to bring out the natural shades of green.

The inlay is perfectly smooth with each portion being precision cut to fit snugly into the round mount.

Silver Bangle with paua-shell and mother of pearl

Paua-Shell Inlaid on Silver

Pastel shades of mother of pearl inlaid on a round silver mount. The segments border a diamond shape of paua shell. This unique inlay combines the rich colours of this revered new Zealand Shell with the pastel elegance of mother of pearl.


mother of pearl inlaid on a round silver mount

Silver Bangle Dimensions

Nearly twenty six grams of mother of pearl and sterling silver is used to form this gorgeous bangle. The round hollow tubing attaches to the mount by a hook and the wrist measurement is 60 mm. The round shaped mount has a diameter of 30 mm so it is quite a large bangle.