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Mother of Pearl

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silver bangle with paua-shell and mother of pearl
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This radiant bangle has five beautiful shades of mother of pearl which lends itself to any dress or outfit in pink, green, blue or white. The iridescent shell has a lovely sheen which radiates a warmth and glow.

The reverse side of the mount is plain polished silver and could be used for engraving. An extremely attractive item of silver jewellery.

Silver Bangle with paua-shell and mother of pearl

Five Pastel Colours

Hand-cut mother of pearl in five different pastel shades mounted on a sterling silver bangle. Approximate wrist width of the bangle is 62mm. Each piece of mother of pearl is painstakingly cut and sanded to fit together like pieces of a jigsaw.


mosiac mother of pearl bangle

Dimensions of Bangle

The bangle is hand-made from over 17 grams of sterling quality silver. The rectangular mount measures 21 mm by 24 mm. The upper surface of it is also slightly bulged to give the bangle a lovely curved shape and extra depth. The bangle unhinges via one of the jump-rings attached to the rectangular mount.