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Shades of Pink Bangle

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silver bangle with shades of pink mother of pearl
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The shiny pink segments refract light to produce shimmering hues of pastel pink. The style and design is both artistic and harmonious. It makes an impressive gift of silver jewellery for a fraction of the price sold by other high street shops.

The symmetrical lines of the inlay create a dazzling pattern of various light pink hues.

Silver Bangle with shades of pink mother of pearl

Pink Mother of Pearl

An Oval shaped bangle with carefully cut segments of pink mother of pearl. The inner oval is bordered by eight arched shaped cuts. The inlay is perfectly smooth and provides a rich pattern of shimmering pinks. It has delicate beauty and yet is of sturdy construction. One of its jump rings unhinges from the mount to provide an easy and comfortable fit.


pink mother of pearl bangle

Dimensions of Bangle

Weighing 18 grams, the oval shaped mount measures 30 mm across. The maximum diameter of the tubular sterling silver bangle is 64 mm. It unhooks via the ring clasp to the side of the oval mount. The mother of pearl segments are all different shades of pink.