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Tri-colour Bangle

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silver bangle with mother of pearl in the french tri-colours
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The French Flag is divided into three colours which have the following meanings. Blue is Saint Martin, who was a rich Gallo officer who tore and gave half his blue cloak to a beggar in the snow. It symbolizes the duty of care owed by the fortunate to the less fortunate The Virgin Mary and also Joan of Arc are represented by the white whilst Red is the colour of the patron saint of Paris - St Dennis.

The three colours make it easy to combine this bangle with almost any outfit.

Silver Bangle in the french tri-colours

A Mosaic Inlay of Mother of Pearl

A mother of bangle bangle in a pastel version of the tri-colours of the french flag. The mosaic inlay is set on an asymmetrical, triangular shape and adds a splash of colour to any wrist. This parisian style silver bangle has all the hallmarks of a quality piece of jewellery.


Dimensions of Bangle

tiangular shape silver bangle

This quite large bangle has a triangular shape, the three sides of which measure roughly 36 mm each. The focus is the centre segments of white mother of pearl which are flanked by the inlays of pastel blue and pink. The tubular bangle all round is fastened by a hook clipping into one the jump rings fixed to one side of the inlay mount. It is a fairly chunky item of silver jewellery , weighing in at an impressive 22 grams.