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Mosaic Silver Bangle

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silver bangle with mosaic of mother of pearl
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The mother of pearl lies flush with the eye shaped mount. The mount itself is 3 mm deep which means all the segments of mother of pearl are protected from possible knocks and damage.

Also available on this site are matching mother of pearl pendants and earrings, which have a similar mosaic.

It has a wrist width of approximately 68 mm so it suitable for average sized ladies wrists.

Silver Bangle with a mosaic

A mosaic of soft-hued mother of pearl inlaid on silver. The bangle unhinges from a jump-ring on its upper side. There is also a variation of this silver jewellery item with an oval shaped bangle


Dimensions of Bangle

The eye shaped shaped silver mount measures 46mm 18mm. This relatively heavyweight bangle weighs approximately 20 grams, so it quite a tangible item of jewellery. It is also relatively thick bangle with the oval shaped mount being over 3mm deep.