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Lapis Silver Brooch

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Lapis Lazuli is latin meaning blue stone. It is used in Chinese medicine and it is thought to cure melancholy.

This design can be traced back hundreds of years and is inspired by Celtic Art. The familiar symmetrical lines and curves were typically found on brooches designed in Ireland during the 9th and 10th centuries.

This classical design is posted in a hand-made gift box and represents excellent value for money. A beautiful item of silver jewellery.

sterling silver lapis brooch

A Silver Brooch with a Celtic Design

Round-cut lapis lazuli stone bordered by a celtic design of sterling silver. A classical silver brooch. The celtic knot design enhances the natural blue shades of the lapis.

£19.95 Unfortunately this brooch is not available at the moment but hopefully will be shortly.

Further Details

The lapis itself has a diameter of 17mm and the overall diameter of this round brooch is 25mm. Both the brooch and its pin are hand-crafted from sterling quality silver and stamped 925.

Lapis lazuli has been used in jewellery for over 5,000 years. A chief source of lapis is Afghanistan where despite its political problems is still a major source of income.