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The pastel shaded segments of mother of pearl are bordered by marcasite stones to create a truly exquisite brooch. The variety of colours allows the brooch to be worn with a yellow, pink, blue or white outfit.

Butterflies have been depicted in jewellery and art for thousands of years. In Japanese folklore a butterfly that lands behind a bamboo screen in your living room is an indication that you are shortly going to meet the person who loves you the most.

Lepidoptera in Silver

silver butterfly brooch

£19.95 - Pastel shades of mother of pearl set on a sterling silver brooch that can also be worn as a pendant. The patchwork pattern of mother of pearl include a variety of pastel colours that really bring this butterfly to life. Within its wings and body are dozens of little marcasite stones that add a touch of glitz to this elegant brooch.

Dimensions of Brooch

butteflies brooch

This sturdy brooch weighs an impressive 16 grams. Approximately height 30mm x width 40mm. Behind the butterfly body a pendant bale has been welded onto the silver so that this jewellery can double up as a pendant.