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Amber and Turquoise

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pull cord bracelet with turquoise and amber beads
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The bracelet is sent with its own canvas gift bag and a certificate of authenticity from Lithuania confirming the beads are made from pure natural Baltic amber.

As no metals are used the bracelet is suitable for bringing relief to teething babies.

turquoise and baltic amber beads threaded on a yellow bracelet

The Colours of Amber Combined with Turquoise

A beautiful bracelet made with real turquoise beads combined with Baltic Amber beads. The beads are strung on a yellow silk cord which can be adjusted in size to fit large or small wrists. The bracelet uses the honey, dark brown and cognac coloured amber.


Dimensions of Bracelet

Each bead measures roughly 6mm. Each group of honey, dark brown and orange coloured Amber beads are grouped and separated by slightly larger turquoise beads and then treaded on yellow silk cord that has a pull-cord to adjust the bracelet size.