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Rectangular Amber

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The natural mottled appearance of the Baltic amber is captured to perfection by the smooth silver work. The extraordinary craftsmanship that has gone into making this silver jewellery can be seen in the detail.

silver bracelet with green and orange rectangles of amber

Rectangles of Green and orange Amber

A stunning silver bracelet composed of a series of seven rectangular shaped ambers. This chunky bracelet is a clasped by a spring loaded ring-clasp. It is an ideal present for all age groups as its modern styling is suitable for any wrist or attire. Available in a length of 7.75 inches (19.68 cm). The bracelet captures both the traditional cognac colour as well as the rarer and exciting green colour. Both are brought to life by the gleaming silver. The paradox of the bracelet is that it is an ultra modern design, yet has a similar look and feel of a far more expensive antique item of jewellery.


Dimensions of Amber Bracelet

rectangles of amber on bracelet

Each of the seven ambers, measures approximately 20 mm x 12 mm. Each rectangular shaped piece is housed in a similarly shaped plinth of sterling silver. The ambers link to each other by a welded jump-ring. It weighs 22 grams. The amber is slightly dome in shape and is about 80% smooth retaining some of its original small bumps and nodules.