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Wavy Silver Choker

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silver choker with waves
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This choker rests high around the neck and is best worn with a high cut top.

The natural wavy pattern is both striking and an example of high quality craftsmanship.

The gentle flows of an ebbing tide are recreated with this wonderful silver workmanship. The design will relax as well as radiate style.

wavy silver choker

Swirls and waves neck collar.

A series of swirls and waves create this stunning sterling silver choker. This streamlined necklace weighs approximately 20 grams and is solid throughout. A suave and sleek accessory that oozes style and confidence.


silver choker with waves on a neck

Dimensions of Silver Waves Collar

Around 20 grams of pure sterling silver creates this desirable item of silver jewellery. It a real eye-catcher. The silver cuff band used is 4mm wide and has rounded, smoothed edges.