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V shaped Silver Choker

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V shaped silver choker
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A design to capture the imagination and evoke feelings of well-being. Not for the feint-hearted this necklace is a bold and iconic fashion statement.

The beautiful feature of these neck collars is the absence of any clasp. This means it can easily be slipped on or off without the necessity of fiddling with sometimes difficult clasps.

A sleek and slender item of jewellery that will add that sparkle and shine to any dress or low top

Silver V shaped neck collar

Solid silver choker.

A stunning rigid silver choker. The styling is in the form of a V-shaped pattern of plain silver. The silver has been carefully curved to produce a smooth effect.


V shaped silver choker

Dimensions of neck Collar

This classic item of silver jewellery weighs 6.2 grams. The band to the rear of the neck collar inclines towards the neck for extra comfort and secure retention. At its widest point the silver measures 2 mm wide.