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Chunky Silver Choker

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a wide silver choker
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A heavy weight silver neck collar. This substantial necklace weighs in at an impressive 24 grams of pure sterling silver. It is a highly visual necklace which stands out in the crowd. It has been a popular item for many years and its fashion credentials never seem to twain. To keep costs low, we have mastered fast techniques for producing it.

choker curve

This curvaceous necklace is the ideal compliment to an evening dress, however it is a multifarious item of jewellery that can also look great with casual wear.

It rests high, just slightly below the neck line depending on the contours of wearers bone structure.

The unblemished finish adds to the pure styling which fluent and distinguished design.

wide silver choker

Chunky neck collar

A chunky silver collar narrowing at ends to curve around the base of the neck. This substantial cuff band gives a creates a necklace of some magnitude. The necklace is sent specially gift wrapped and is precision made with a great deal of attention paid to perfecting the smooth curve.


chunky silver neck collar

Dimensions of Silver Choker

The choker measures 144mm across at its widest point so is therefore suited to fit a neck between 15-19 inches. The cuff band itself measures 5 mm across and it weighs over 17.4 grams. There is some flexibility in the ends to enable the choker to be put on and taken off.