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'V' Shaped silver neck collar

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An icon of silver jewellery, the 'V' shaped choker has few rivals for neck wear accessories.

The slim collar is both subtle and visually outstanding. It rests perfectly on the neck for comfort and satisfaction.

The simplistic design permits the choker to be worn with practically any outfit. The shining and gleaming silver brightens a dull day.

ring and hook clasp

The choker is specially gift wrapped making a present of outstanding quality.

The choker attaches by a simple yet effective ring and hook clasp.

V shaped silver neck collar

A Subtle and Comfortable Necklace.

An elegant sterling silver 'v' shaped choker. It can be worn alone or used to hang crosses or pendants from. The subtlety of its gentle curves are brought into focus with the gleam of the silver.


Specifications of Silver Choker

v shaped silver

Pure sterling silver was used to make this stylistic neck collar. Its lightweight of approximately 12 grams renders it extremely comfortable to wear. The width of the band itself is 2 mm thick. The bends are carefully constructed to follow the contours of the neck.