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An ideal accessory to an evening dress. The simplicity is greatly admired and will always look its best after a quick wipe with a polish cloth.

Crosses, lockets and pendants can be suspended from this choker.

Few necklaces surpass the chic and elegant appeal of this simple but effective design.

cuff band of silver

'U' shaped Necklace

thick silver collar

£49.95 -A 'U' shaped band of sterling silver, curved to form this stunning thick silver collar. Similar in design to the slim neck choker but the cuff band is much heavier and thicker. Its sleek and shapely styling makes it a desirable accessory that can be used either by itself or to show off your favourite pendant.

Dimensions of Silver Collaru-shaped silver neck collar

Its weight is approximately twenty-four grams. Its cuff band is 7 mm at its widest point in the middle of the curve, which tapers to 4 mm wide at both ends. The edges are of a smooth square cut and the ends point slightly inwards for greater comfort.