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Choker with silver spheres

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It is solid throughout and looks amazing during any season. A timeless fashion accessory that will always be in vogue.

clasp for silver choker

The choker is fastened by one ball sliding under its overlapping counterpart. We also have a silver ball ring that will match this item.

silver ball choker

A design which captures the imagination and evokes a feeling of well-being. Not for the feint-hearted this choker is a bold and iconic fashion statement.

silver choker with overlapping balls

Overlapping Balls choker

A stunning plain slim silver choker clasped at the front by a ball overlapping a larger ball. The eye focus is on the perfect spheres of silver which sit majestically at the foot of the curved neck collar. It can be worn both formally or informally and is suitable fro almost any use. The reflective silver will always make your attire shine.


Dimensions of Choker

silver spheres on neck collar

The choker style necklace weighs approximately 18 grams. The overall length of the curved band is sixteen inches (406 mm). The smaller ball has a diameter of roughly 3 mm whilst the larger ball is 10 mm. The tension in the curved collar is such that the lower sphere sits in place underneath the upper smaller sphere. This unique arrangement also serves as the clasp by which the choker is held in place around the neck.

Also many customers bought the silver bangle that will compliment this choker.