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Silver Torque Ring

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silver ring with overlapping balls
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A plain and classical design that will look great at any time of the year. The curvatures of the spheres add to the reflective qualities of the silver.

The ring is the perfect compliment to a similar bangle with overlapping balls or the bangle with a ball It will however look cool with any bracelet due to the simplicity of its styling.

silver ring with two balls

A Ring with balls

One small and one large, sterling silver ball, mounted on a ring shank creates this visually stunning ring. The balls or spheres are firmly welded onto the ring piece making it a durable and smooth looking item of jewellery. Available in sizes:- P, & Q


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sterling silver ring with overlapping balls

Dimensions of Silver Ring

It Weighs between four to six grams depending on size. The position of the upper sphere is slightly offset from the lower ball to allow a greater degree of visual and light access. The larger ball has a diameter of approximately 10mm whilst its smaller counterpart measures 6mm in diameter.