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Silver Bangle with Six Balls

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six spheres silver bangle

This all round bangle has a unique way of allowing the wrist to breathe through its open design.

It can be used as a stylish accompaniment to formal wear or simply worn casually to add a sparkle to any top.

The spheres of silver add sparkle and style, in addition to being a solid and enduring jewellery item.

six spheres silver bangle

£34.95 - A sterling silver bangle. This stylish design has a 4 mm diameter ball at each end of six overlapping bands of sterling silver. Those cuff bands are grouped in a set of three which fuse together at one end, which is rounded and forms the basis for the stunning 'V' - shaped cuff bangle.

six spheres silver bangle

Specifications of Bangle

The diameter of the bangle in its normal position (as per the image on the right ) is roughly 65 mm. Width of band is 6mm and approximate weight 14.4 grams. An outstanding gift of silver jewellery combining cutting edge design with simplicity of style. Each sphere of silver measures roughly 4 mm in diameter.