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Silver Bangle with overlapping balls

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Plain Silver Bangle with overlapping balls

A classic all round bangle. The highly polished ball reflects light to draw attention to the smooth curvatures of the bangle.

In mediaeval times the wearing of a silver bangle was used to gauge a persons health. If it tarnished quickly then it indicated health problems with its wearer.

bangle with overlapping balls

An All Round Bangle

A stunning sterling silver all round bangle composed of a round band of silver with two ball ends. Those balls overlap to form the connection between the two ends. This well balanced item of jewellery is a shiny addition to any fashionable wrist.


Dimensions of Bangle

The approximate wrist diameter of the bangle in the position shown in the image is 65mm. The width of the actual band is 5 mm and its approximate weight is in the region of 16 grams. The upper ball is slightly smaller than its lower counterpart.

two silver balls

The bangle is attached to the wrist by simply lifting the upper ball over the lower ball.