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A Round Silver Choker

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round silver choker
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It looks cool as a standalone item of jewellery, yet despite its lightweight it is strong enough to suspend pendants from.

For silver jewellery this really is a stunning accessory, which possess slim elegance and sophistication.

The position of the choker when worn vary's with neck sizes and collar bone contours. The image shows the choker being worn on an average sized female. For larger ladies it will rest slightly higher than that shown.

round silver cuff band that forms a choker

Smooth Choker with round edges

A Beautifully curved, round silver choker. Perfectly suitable for almost any occasion. Its style is greatly admired by many. The simplicity of the silver cuff band gives the necklace the ability to ride out fashion trends. It will always be a desired and attractive adornment.


plain round silver choker

Dimensions of Choker

The curved band measures 2 mm wide and is roughly 130 mm across at its widest point. It is deceptively lightweight and comfortable. Its relative lightweight of approximately 9 grams makes it extremely comfortable to wear. As you can see from the side angled image the choker is curved to meet the contours of the neck.